Scorecards & Executive Dashboards

Our PEAK™ scorecards empower physicians, clinical management and analysts to understand where their organization stands relative to the benchmarks and then drives improvements in performance. PEAK™ is based on over 30 years of experience working with 1000+ hospitals and their physicians to improve healthcare performance. We provide up-to-date, relevant benchmarks from over 5000 hospitals nationwide so users can compare data and immediately be presented with key areas and resources upon which to focus improvement efforts.

dashboard dashboard1

The dashboard is presented with graphical representations of the trended data along with benchmarks for comparison. The dashboard includes the organization of the measures into user definable “tabs” which can reflect the IOM measurements. It contains the hospital’s scoreable measures in comparison to selected internal and external peer groups. It includes the ability to drill in to the underlying details in order to identify root cause in a simple and visually rich format.