New York State DSRIP

Ensure your piece of the DSRIP payment with a comprehensive population health solution from Total Benchmark Solution (TBS) that allows Performing Provider Systems (PPSs) to calculate & benchmark DSRIP measures against user-defined peer groups for:

  • High Level Metrics such as:
    • Preventable ER visits & Readmits (PPVs, PPRs)
    • Adult & Pediatric Prevention Quality Indicators (PQIs, PDIs)
    • Overall Utilization (LOS, Cost)
  • Detailed domain population health metrics relevant to your PPS’s specific projects (Domains 2 & 3): Population Health Measures, Patient Safety, and Quality.
  • Trending and documentation of continuous improvement supporting pay for reporting and pay for performance DSRIP incentives for your PPS.
  • Powerful analytics to support improvement opportunity analysis and root cause analysis to help your PPS focus on the biggest returns for your population health initiatives.
  • SaaS Solution- No Hardware or Software Needed On-Site
  • Customized Solution for Your PPS
  • Quick & Low-Cost Implementation

Send us a request to learn more about how partnering with TBS can support your PPS initiatives for New York State DSRIP and help ensure you get your share of the DSRIP payments for Pay for Reporting & Pay for Performance.