Our Story/Leadership

Our mission is to positively impact the well-being of patients, communities, and caregivers by providing benchmarks and analytics that empower healthcare organizations to achieve excellent performance.
This mission is founded on two key assumptions:

  • To improve requires comparison against meaningful and relevant peers
  • The improvement must be holistic. A holistic approach focuses on improving performance in all areas at the same time, rather than concentrating on one area for improvement at the expense of another.

To achieve our mission, we must always want to be, and strive to be:

  • Passionate: We have passion about making an impact on improving healthcare performance for all.
  • Integrity: We must always tell the truth and be equally open and transparent about shortcomings and successes.
  • Nimble, Quick and Agile: Just as we ask our clients to constantly improve, we too must always be willing to focus on improvement. We must always keep pace with the needs and requirements of our customers.
  • Humble: We must constantly remind ourselves that our efforts to excel can only succeed by seeking and truly appreciating the views, ideas and thoughts of others.
  • Customer Focused: Our success is totally  based on customers’ success in improving healthcare performance.
  • Diversity: We value all humans equally and appreciate the diversity in our world.
  • Grateful: For the gift of life and honor the dignity of every person.

In February 2016, Total Benchmark Solution became a part of Kaufman Hall. Kaufman Hall is a leading provider of integrated strategic, capital, financial, and transaction advisory services and software tools. Visit Kaufman Hall’s About Us and Leadership pages to learn more.


John O’Brien

President / CEO and Co-Founder

John O’Brien’s career began over 30 years ago in healthcare decision support development and later transitioned to the strategic planning, selection, design and implementation of major HIS vendor systems. As a strategic healthcare consultant, John has represented numerous leading health systems to negotiate software development, licensing, IT leasing, outsourcing, application service provider, and system integrator agreements. He has been involved in numerous engagements for health system mergers, acquisitions and consolidations. In this capacity, he has evaluated and put in place business agreements and plans to effectively manage costs, budgets, quality and risk. John co-founded Total Benchmark Solution, LLC to provide healthcare executives with the tools and industry-standard benchmarks they need to measure, evaluate and improve healthcare performance.


Matthew Schumacher

Director & Chief Technology Officer

One of the founding employees of TBS, Matthew serves as an executive and thought leader responsible for providing global strategy and leadership to TBS’s technology infrastructure and product development. A leader in establishing technical standards and ensuring adherence of product development, information technology, and company operations. Responsible for identifying and integrating emerging information technologies & next generation solutions positioning TBS to be a cost effective, high performing, inspiring data analytics provider.


Travis Stegeman

Director of Operations

Travis is one of the founding employees of Total Benchmark Solution. Travis is responsible for the day-to-day direction and guidance to the operational activities of Total Benchmark Solution to help achieve their mission of positively impacting the well-being of patients, communities, and caregivers. His passion is to help inspire healthcare professionals to improve performance in their never ending journey to achieve standards of excellence. Travis oversees benchmark processing, technical documentation, quality assurance, partner relations, client support, implementation, and training, all of which are necessary to provide the best solution in the marketplace for data management, benchmarking and analytics. Travis’s team goal is to inspire our clients to utilize the benchmarks and data analytics to transform healthcare performance.


Vince Rogers

Director & Chief Product Development Officer

Vince joined Total Benchmark Solution as one of the original founding employees. As the executive responsible for Product Development, Vince executes on the vision of TBS leadership and other stakeholders to produce software solutions that drive excellence in healthcare and inspire users to affect change in their organization. His role involves strategic collaboration with customers, staff and peers to create and maintain groundbreaking products, and communication of that vision to software development teams in an efficient and agile development environment. Vince’s passion for the intersection of data science, computer science, and healthcare, and for the direct impact it has on improving patient lives keeps him excited and engaged in pushing the boundaries to create superior data management and analytical products.

Jennie Dulac

Jennie Dulac, RN, MS

Vice President, Clinical Solutions

Over the past 20 years, Jennie has specialized in quality management, population health, strategy, governance, operations and clinical decision support, with an emphasis on execution. During this time she has served in a variety of health care settings, including multi-hospital systems, academic medical centers, health networks, and managed care. Most recently, she served as the Chief Quality Officer at SCL Health System.

Throughout her career, she has developed quality and safety programs that have earned Healthgrades Top 100 Hospital and Top 10 Health System designations. Additionally, she has led clinical collaboratives for more than 250 hospitals. She has contributed to academic publications, books, and industry journals.

Jennie earned her bachelor’s of science degree in nursing from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green Ohio, and a master’s degree in the evaluative clinical sciences from Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hampshire. She has had academic appointments at Dartmouth Medical School, Washington University Medical School, and Michigan State University. She is also a graduate of the Executive Leadership Institute at the University of Michigan.